This Christmas …Less is more

Is the most beautiful time of the year ❤

And for those that they don’t understand  the title today we will talk about minimal Christmas decorations  (hoorayy)

So for this Christmas I did my research (AKA minimal freak) in  Pinterest and I found a lot of minimal decorations for any type of appartment  , for small spaces and also for any christmas budget because don’t forget that Christmas is for everyone !!

Hope guys to enjoy it and to find a lot of minimal ideas for your Christmas decoration ❤


Minimal Christmas trees decorations ideas !



The perfect  minimal wrappings ideas !




Christmas DIY decoration ideas !

If you don’t want to decorate a Christmas tree but you want a touch of green in your decoration…


0e3711113418bb91ae62dc702eb9e70e948df112fb54e476674aa9ba32bf5f2bc43a52195dd5caf329a0c7a95934c3f5 (1)011926f6ad1903394be3a5c8e4471e61


And last but not least ….  ideas for the Christmas table!


You can find every image on Pinterest ❤


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